As I replied to a post above IMDB seems to have a public but poorly documented API, someone wrote a response about it to a Stackoverflow question, someone more technical may be able to make better sense of it than I can:
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Hi, I checked out the IMDB APIs but I don't think they are that useful...

The first one is a autosuggest API meaning if the user enters 'jen' it'll return a list of actors whose names start with 'jen' and a link to their profiles.

The second one is also quite minimalistic: it'll return a list of celebrities with similar names to the one searched and 1 short description and that celebrity's imdb id number.

Instant answers generally need to be able get the information to display using one API call. The IMDB APIs are obviously meant for internal use, and aren't really the best in this case because they don't give us a list of movies for each actor.
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