Is there a JSON api somewhere that has this data?

If there isn't an api this could still work as a longtail instant answer. Basically crawl the site and build a list of trail heads and their coordinates. I don't think anyone has ever tried showing a map from a longtail but I think it could work and I'm happy to help out if you or anyone else want to try it.
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The only api I can find for the USDA and other Federal Recreation sites is at https://ridb.recreation.gov/. The only site I have found that gives the maps and trailhead locations is the USDA, and that api only lists locations not trails. Would each destination be crawled for trail heads and coordinates?

I've looked up a few more sources for trails and hiking and I have found http://www.trailapi.com/ so far. I seems like it might be a good source and was on programmable web.
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I did this search: http://screencast.com/t/MJMDfTPRX

And came up with a list of almost 2000 trailheads: http://screencast.com/t/dqqYxQ4jHg5u

Not sure if that helps at all - still learning about APIs and how they work!
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That looks great! I posted a wall of text to Brendan's post. All of my ideas for the climbing data instant answers would apply to the hiking IA too since it's the same type of data.
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