Many spanish-speaking users asked the opposite, because of the little differences between each Region. On a side note, translations were agreed to be informal.
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Those little differences are not reflected on a site such as DuckDuckGo. Things like “Advance Settings” or even “We Don’t Track You” are expressed exactly the same way in every dialect of Spanish (there are dialects that use the pronoun “vos” for “you” instead of “tú,” but even in those dialects they can understand “tú” just fine). This is what I was referring to when I said “formal speech.” “Informal speech” that would be different depending on the dialect would be things like “Hey, dude, what's up!?” which is language unlikely to appear on DuckDuckGo. And even then, as I've mentioned, a separation between European and Latin American Spanish is enough. As it is, most of the Spanish options are poorly translated anyway.
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