The second type we could so is a longtail. The good thing is that once you have a scraper for a fathead, it's very easy to just change the format of the output file to fit a longtail.

I think this is going to be a more interesting IA to make. We don't currently support geo search or maps but I think with some work on my end I could make that happen.

The interesting part of the longtail is that we can handle more complex searches like the ones Brendan listed:
"best climbing crags in queensland"
"best boulder problems near london"

It will also handle more complicated name searches like "salathe wall yosemite" which wouldn't match an exact key in the fathead. We could also do location searches like "climbing near me".

Other queries like "the least climbed grade 18 trad routes on dolerite in tasmania" will still be much harder though.

Hope that helps!

TDLR; This sounds like a really neat IA, I'd start with a fathead for now. Please let me know if you have any questions
posted by jdorw Staff4 years and 3 days ago Link

If we know that we want to include the features that would require a longtail, would it be better to just start it as such, or convert after there is a functioning fathead?
posted by floey 4 years and 3 days ago Link
It will just take longer to get a longtail working on my end. I'll have to add in support for geoip and maps which will take some time. If you don't mind the wait while I try to get it working then I agree.
posted by jdorw Staff4 years and 2 days ago Link