If it is possible to nominate one's own project, I would like to nominate Selective Share (

Selective Share is encryption-as-a-service. It allows one to build client side encrypted, cloud based data sync into your app without having to think about key management, encryption, network comms and synchronisation. Encryption keys are never sent over the network.

Apps work with local disk files and trigger a sync whenever necessary. Eventually both desktop and browser based apps will be supported. For the moment support is only for desktop based apps.

Selective Share runs outside the browser, so it is not susceptible to code injection (although the app may still be).

Any app where the data is not available in real time at all sites can utilise the service. Examples could be data backup or an online forms application.

I am a single developer, any size contribution will make a clear difference.

Client code (GPL):
Server code (AGPL): not yet published.
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