That'd be a great addition to the DuckDuckGo brand.
I believe that would be possible if the CEO was interested, because an email service is actually easy to manage, and not so expensive.

If they add an email service, I hope they add both a free email plan and a small subscription plan(€5 per month is more than enough), to get rid of possible advertisments and added 24/7 support, like microsoft is doing with Outlook.
But of course the free plan would work 100%, because the paid plan is only for people who actually want to support DDG and give them money, and because of giving them money, DDG removes the advertisements for that account, and gives them faster support, if any problem arises of course.

That'd be my opinion, I really hope they can add an email service nontheless, with quite a few domains, so we can actually pronounce our email in the public in different countries.
posted by severuscold Translation Manager4 years and 1 month ago Link