Just for the heck of it since this PC has the same user name I copied the .reg file to my laptop and added it to the registry. Now I open IE, go to search providers, DuckDuckGo is there. I set it as default and perform a search...Bam DuckDuckGo provides the results :-) Apparently you only have to change the user name in the "FaviconPath" to match the current user or which ever user is in the system you wish to have the search provider available to.
GUID's for users are generated by the system attaching it to the end of the users SSID and can never be reused for the life of that operating system installation.
Object GUID's such as on the file system are generated with a seed such as date/time to avoid replication.
Gotta love Micro$oft, it's registry and the hoops you sometimes have to jump through :-)
Thanks for your help in finding the cavity,

PS, Here is one to try...Create a shortcut on your desktop and name it...
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