It is mentioned in the description that this will in the long run help ddg as this will create more money for the company by promoting a product (as advertisement) and this will for sure increase the company's income.
posted by JSmith123963 3 years and 10 months ago Link

I don't see how exactly this would help to increase DDG's income in the long run, honestly. The cost of doing a project like this properly would far outweigh any profits resulting from it.
Even if this project would eventually break even (which is fairly doubtful when the browser market is as saturated as it currently is), I feel that it would take too long and focus way too many resources away from what DuckDuckGo actually is: a search engine.
The Tor browser plugin would probably give you everything you're expecting out of a DuckDuckGo browser and the Tor interface is actually their main focus, not something else. If I were you, I'd give that a try.
posted by AguaBottle 3 years and 10 months ago Link