In my opinion we don't need new protocols. What we really need is ways to *really* replace existing stuff. Number one on the list is Skype. Skype's strength is that they support many users and it's not hard to setup. It's also mentioned on many PRISM slides.

There are lots of VOIP services and what not, but there is only one project to really replace it, which is Tox. It's incredible what those folks did. Their stuff is completely alpha of course, but their stuff actually works just like that. One installs the software and you are good to go. There are versions for Windows, MacOS, Linux and mobile platforms.

Living in a long distant relationship that would be really important to me and I think to many others who currently don't have a better way to communicate with friends and family.
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I've used Tox. It's good, but it could use some work. Seconded!
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