A browser does not fall into email catagory
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it does in that DDG doesn't have any of these projects on their radar, that's what @javathunderman was referring to, not that the 2 are somehow in the same function category.
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Yep, that's what I meant. Thanks @x.15a2!
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We've said it in the past and it's worth reiterating.... if the DuckDuckGo community created a DDG-browser, focused on privacy, open source, etc. --> we would love to support it! It's just not something we can take on because we're focused on search.
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Hi all, for mail projects there is openmailbox.org, all email service is build in pure free software, and one of their features 'in' is the administration/creation of keys for encrypt your mails with OpenPGP, of course the project needs donations for still online, but it's great i use it as a serious alternative for all other mail services known.
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actually, such a browser IS the next step in good search because the purpose would be RE-SEARCH.

What that browser would do would be to eliminate overloading or loading of video media, ie deny adobe! (and lots of other adverts) And allow the user to create a research project; to collect text, author, bookmark and group same into a locally viewable "chapter and verse" publication.

it's been my webdream for years.
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