It does make it bad. Proprietary software raises issues such as inability to verify the code, great limits on user's control over the program, building a non-free software dependency net and a vendor lock-in, among the others. Of course, not all proprietary software creates these issues, but it very well just could, which is the problem here.

I am indeed aware that DDG has proprietary components. And I do think that it's bad and it should be completely liberated. But my opinion is that everyone should use free software whenever it's possible and not too inconvenient for them. Very loose example:
A person who uses Skype to talk to her grandmother because it's the only way to contact her and they are not tech-savvy to set up something libre is okay. Sure it's bad, but you can't blame someone for choosing family over software purity.
On the other hand, a group of tech-savvy developers who use Skype for text chat, while they could easily use XMPP or something, should use XMPP or something, because it's a small feat and not a sacrifice for them.

I found other engines I tried to be quite subpar in quality. That means they are not very usable. However, I need to use search engines often. So out of the available options for me, DuckDuckGo is the best, because it's at least partly libre, it at least claims to protect my privacy and it has got a duck. (I like ducks.)

You may think that freedom is not the only thing that matters, and I agree with that! Software has many important factors, aside of freedom. Freedom is definitely the only thing we should look at when looking at software, but it is something we should always consider.
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what bothers me is that your conjecture and conclusions seem to indicate that you see yourself as the sole arbitrator as to the software the rest of us should use and i find dictatorship to be the antithesis of freedom

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Sorry if it seems that way. I do not see myself as the ultimate dictator everyone should follow. I do, however, say that all people should do some things which I think are necessary for our society.

If the way I present my opinion and information bothers you, I apologize. Since I'm a flawed speaker, please try to focus more on the content rather than the form. But if you have any suggestions for me, I will be glad to hear them.

It may also seem that way because I witnessed some bad effects proprietary software has had on the world, therefore I am strongly oppossed to it and I try to warn people of it's many dangers.
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