I like your idea. I would like to see Duckduckgo make a browser as all the other browsers suck. For example, Google Chrome tracks you, Firefox is too slow, Internet Explorer, I don't even need to explain what the issue with using IE. But one thing about your pictures, you seem to have copied them from the Duckduckgo site and made edits to the picture.
posted by Sam999999 4 years and 11 days ago Link

I recommend you Comodo Dragon and Epic Privacy Browser.
posted by ddg.ps01 4 years and 6 days ago Link
Does Google Chrome track users? What about Firefox, do they track their users?
posted by JSmith123963 4 years and 3 days ago Link
Firefox has a "Tell sites that I do not want to be tracked" option (Preferences -> Privacy).

It also has options to send or not send data back to Mozilla about browser perforrmance and crash reports (Preferences -> Advanced -> Data Choices).

That's the only tracking that Firefox does as far as I'm aware. Not sure about Chrome or Chromium.
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regarding I don't want to be tracked: ddg used to have a web page that told all about that and what a farce it is

for some reason they pulled that page but you can still read it on the waybackmachine at

pretty good read
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In my opinion, Duckduckgo should have that page up again and show this page to the users.
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We now forward that page to and goes to Gabriel's post on privacy. The reason for the changes is that both pages require more attention/updates than we can spare. This is a good thing, signaling that positive movement is happening in the privacy industry, but would be bad if we are showing outdated information or drawing attention away from positive efforts.
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