One of the things you could look into is FxOS. It's created by the Mozilla Foundation (the wonderful people behind Firefox) and it's interface is programmed with HTML, CSS and JS (same as web pages). Try

The homescreen and default apps on FxOS are called Gaia. They can easily be rethemed or rewritten. If you want to show your support for DDG with your phone, you could change your wallpaper or completely redo it (unfortunatly FxOS doesn't come with DDG search).

I've been working on making my own version of Gaia for my own entertainment (similar in style to Apple's WatchOS) and it's quite easy to do. If DDG were inclined to make a phone it could change a bit of Gaia, add DDG search, add some apps to employ DDG search, IAs and XMPP, then distribute them on phones.

FxOS is Linux and Gecko based (Gecko's the graphical engine behind Firefox).

Hope I've given people ideas,
posted by MyUser 3 years and 10 months ago Link