That sounds like a description of Ubuntu. They already made an OS for phones and are rewriting the desktop version to go along with it. While Ubuntu's best concern is not the users' freedom or privacy, I believe their software is still libre and that the OS can make a good candidate.
posted by Tirifto 3 years and 9 months ago Link

Yeah but for one, I don't think Ubuntu and Ubuntu touch are the same operating systems in terms of application compatibility. The UI maybe similar but I am not sure with this but I think the compatibilities are different; please correct me if I am wrong. Plus I think (I am not sure once again) that Ubuntu touch might contain restrictions such as those restrictions that exists in Android and IOS, which I don't want. Plus Duckduckgo (the search engine) has the best UI, compared to any other search engines. So maybe they can create an operating system with the best UI.
posted by JSmith123963 3 years and 9 months ago Link