I explored this idea recently and looked into arxiv's API. They only have an XML endpoint though so I built a wrapper which converts their data to JSON. As I understand it the DDG policy is to not use that kind of thing (a wrapper around a public endpoint) and I understand all the reasons why. So I tried contacting the arxiv API maintainers through the google group but have yet to hear back from them (this was nearly a month ago).

Any thoughts on how to proceed?
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We can use this endpoint instead of using
posted by Jag Staff3 years and 2 months ago Link
hi Jag, not sure I follow, do you mind explaining a bit more? What does that URL do?
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Sorry for the long delay. I've spoken to the team about permitting XML and we think this is a great test project. Are you still interested in building a Spice for this? If so please contact me, to discuss this.

I'm also on Slack, and happy to chat there. You can join slack by sending an email to
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