Ah that's a cool bit of info about Google.

I just think that the current slogan is fairly long - "DuckDuckGo. The search engine that doesn't track you.".

I do really like "DuckDuckGo - The Answers Search Engine.", except that every search engine gives you answers, and so we need to separate ourselves from the crowd -What makes us better?

I have never thought about the subconscious association with negatives in "Ducks Don't Suck", too.

Also, Duck Duck Go doesn't appeal to a very wide audience, and so I believe that the slogan should include the wider audience. Some may not know what a search engine is, or the repercussions of being tracked by Google, this is why we need a slogan to make Duck Duck Go appeal to more people by including, in a few short words, the money Google makes off their privacy.

Not this exactly, but " DuckDuckGo - We don't sell your privacy. "
Something along those lines I think would be more suitable for the point they are trying to get across, although it still has the negative.

Another problem may be that people don't know how Google actually tracks them. So maybe it could be:

"DuckDuckGo - Search the web on incognito mode"

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True. (DDG of course gives you Instant Answers, but the general public doesn't know that).

I like the idea of "search the web on incognito mode" but I think it needs to sound a bit better. (The reference to Google Chrome always irks me; Firefox had Private Browsing first!)

Love the ideas,
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