Just to add my voice to this. I wanted to switch to DDG but quickly found that lack of date features made it impossible to use. I often need a search with a specific time scope e.g. within the last year for a search on Wordpress development; within the last month for a search on a hearthstone deck; or within the last 24hrs for a search on news of current events.

Even when not searching for a specific time period I hadn't realised before just how much I rely on a date being shown next to a result for an indication of how useful the result might be.

Somebody mentioned in the thread that a date was added when using "sort:date" but this doesn't work for me. Neither do I want the results sorted by date, I just want results outside a specified date range filtered out.

I understand you guys are working on this, I hope a solution is found. Good luck!
posted by <hidden> • 3 years and 8 months ago Link