Yes, an IA for pod search similar to "tor exit nodes." If I searched "diaspora*" there would be a list of pods as tiles across the IA wrapper. Clicking on one of them would make it expand showing details and a link to go to the pod or signup with it.

Searches like "diaspora pods" would return the same. Searching "diaspora pods in canada" would put out a list of pods in Canada. "diaspora pods by uptime" would show the top pods by uptime. "diaspora pods by user rating" would show the top pods by user rating.

Perhaps you could also search for a "random diaspora pod" to get a random one.

This IA is badly needed. Right now, newcomers to diaspora* must use to pick a pod. It's really awful to look at and a bit too complicated for most people. I think that's why signups have tanked after they closed I expect many people come to diaspora* form DDG, so that first search of discovery should also be an easy jumping-off point.

About community leader: perhaps one day I would like to do so. However, I would like to be in the community for more than just a year first. Also, though some days I check the forum religiously, other times I stay away from the place for months. I don't know how reliable I would be. Probably I'd like to wait another year before volunteering.

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It's not so much the day to day commitment of becoming a ComLeader. It's more about just making a difference in the way that you're contributing whether you're on or off the forums.
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