I had gotten a prompt for a free t-shirt- to login the next day (though I was up late and it WAS the date specified) and I would get my code. I logged in the next day and- NO CODE!
I have conveyed DDG to family and friends, even some support personnel at Time Warner Cable!
But the link never came back and I am shirtless, so to speak. What happened? This was over a month ago.
...and I have gotten great feedback about DDG and answered questions about making it their default search engine- it can be a little tricky but we've all gotten past it! C'mon back to me with the disappeared link to the code for the free T-Shirt!

I am not a coder, but loving DDG since I heard about it in Jan, '15. This is my first post, I hope it gets read and gets some results!
posted by ThatGirl 3 years and 5 months ago Link

Don't worry! I'm pretty sure they're currently busy with everyone's tshirt but you'll have yours soon enough :)
posted by romainlg Translation Manager3 years and 4 months ago Link