I need an internet storage service.
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OK, I think of "internet storage" and "cloud storage as pretty much the same thing. My point was that DDG search is a great resource for finding the type of information you are asking about here. I could have also provided but the results are pretty similar, pointing to cloud base storage.

(The following are my personal views and not those of DuckDuckGo) Personally, I have used a Pogoplug device (not the PP cloud based solution which seems to be all that they market now), which is located in my home and is available via a secure connection. PP no longer lists the devices on their web site but they are readily available on Amazon and eBay at very low prices. Just attached a USB storage device to, register it and you're ready to go. I've had mine for over 5 years and it still works great. There are other personal NAS devices that might better fit your needs.
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