Things are running very fast, or rather it's me who only recently discovered your work. Yesterday i entered the community with the purpose to help in translation (from English into Spanish, my first tongue), what is my hobby and partly my job, since Spanish text Analisys and Production (with grammar, sintaxis and all that stuff) has been the main subject of my studies at University and now the matter of my teaching at the Politechnical Univ. of my country (long 'down' to the south: a rather different regional version of the Spanish spoken in the States). There exists what we can call an 'international' Spanish, as there exists an 'international' English. But before than translating whole texts -what i'd do with pleasure because i share the transparency and ethical aims of DDG and have the same rejection for intrusive manipulation of personal data-, i saw that there are already here and there mistakes or misleading partial translations to beguin with. I know hardly anything about internet, i only know one thing: writing or translating into Spanish, so i ask to the due and unknown 'technical advisor', whoever should be, to tell me how to manage the web side of the task (notifications, mails or whatever it is): i can check and correct -morphosyntaxis or style- already written partial and confusing translations (there would be a lot to discusss about it), but don't know how can i put or publish them on the site, and which part of the site... Which is the way to send you this eventual proposals of translations? I have plenty of time now since i am 'between jobs'... markinsky.
posted by <hidden> • 3 years and 4 months ago Link