Although DDG XMPP appeared to be stable for the last day or so, for a short period around 14;00 PST today Tuesday, 2015.09.22, my Pidgin for Windows went off line from the DDG XMPP server connection and any attempt to reconnect caused Pidgin to prompt me for my password (which I don't save in Pidgin). But there was a serious problem with the DDG log in system as it rejected my password even though it was definitely entered correctly.

An attempt to log into this web site post on the forum resulted in the same problem - I could not log in and the log in system kept saying my password was incorrect. However, it seems the log in system is now working and I have Pidgin reconnected to DDG XMPP and am also able to log in here to the DDG web site.

Seems that things are still unstable.
posted by <hidden> • 3 years and 3 months ago Link