For today Tuesday, 2015.09.23, around 7 AM PST I attempted to connect with Windows Pidgin and DDG XMPP did not ask for my password, which again means the DDG log in system was unresponsive. Sure enough, coming to this web site and attempting to log in and post about this problem in this thread, resulted also in the inability to log in. It seems that the log-in system is one of the primary problems. After entering my user ID and password on the site here, followed by a long wait, the DDG web site displayed a HTTP 405 error, indicating the service was not allowed, or something to that effect. Essentially, a log in failure. At the moment DDG XMPP is stable but who knows how long it will last.

Also, for over the last month or two now, I have been unable to leave off line messages for other DDG XMPP users. All off line messages left for them were lost and not received when the other party comes on line. This is another issue that the technical team needs to investigate what the cause is and I believe the problem continues to exist. I had to use other chat services just to leave off line messages to other users.

DDG XMPP and web site log in remains very unstable.
posted by <hidden> • 3 years and 3 months ago Link