Would like to add my vote to this! There are endless lists of !bangs that will never be used by the majority but cost development time. While the filter by date range feature is something we all need these days to filter out old stuff from the relevant results. Without this DDG is only able to search old crap or search irrelevant recent results. This is consuming more time from all the users that have to filter out by hand or search on 2 engines to find an recent relevant answer, than the total development time to implement this.

I get you have limited resources, but since your search engine is a potential Google / filterbubble killer, this is an very important step to take. If resources is your problem, make a fundraiser to fund this feature? I'm sure lots are willing to donate to save the internet from content farms and filter bubbles which slowly destroys quality content internet. This is nagging people all over the world and Google has almost stopped their efforts to fight this. This is the one feature DDG desperatly needs to become the most badass search engine arround! Make a fundraiser! I'll donate! :)
posted by <hidden> • 3 years and 4 months ago Link