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Just to be clear, I'm not affiliated with DDG or the community leaders here. However, I'd just like to quickly parse what Zac has said (though if I'm incorrect, please correct me):

I'm guessing there is no way for DDG staff to track password changes nor find out what the current password is. Having created login and user systems myself before, I know how secure systems like this are often impenetrable even for the admins. The passwords are likely to be hashed so they cannot be retrieved and a password change just changes the password with out recording previous versions (or their hashes) and without recording that there was a change.

The other thing to note is that DuckDuckGo and likely as well do not track you. That means that the team will probably not be able to go back into the logs to check if a password was changed as those logs do not exist.

I understand what you're going through as I've gone through it myself. However, please be careful about repeatedly posting here as it will be labelled as spam.

Do you have any private information in your previous account? Other than the inconvenience of using a new account and copying your data into it, is there anything preventing you from just switching? Have you seen any activity from your previous account that you have not initiated other than the password change? Finally, do you believe your old password to be sufficiently complicated (eg. longer than ten characters, containing a combination of letters, numbers or punctuation)? Please, do not give me your password.

I will be unavailable to talk to for anywhere from twelve hours to two days so please don't make multiple replies during my absence (I'm sort of drifting between chatting on the forums and not).

Hope you get your account back,
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