Hello and welcome to DDG and thanks for your input. I want to clarify the comment:
- Dates are not a priority for the DDG staff (which is a shame because it is literally the most asked for feature on these forums). The reason is mostly because of how DDG collects and returns it's results which makes it difficult for it to get date data. (You'll notice that sort:date doesn't have the best ever results.)

Dates are indeed a priority for the DDG developers and it not just being ignored. As stated in many posts on this forums, dates are particularly difficult because DDG gets its results from multiple sources and these sources use divergent models for providing date information. As I understand it, DDG could potentially provide date sorts but at the expense speed of results being returned.

Dates will continue to be a priority for the DDG Dev team, as will relevant results and a non-tracking search environment.
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Any update, as I see it part of the query has been solved as date has become, now the only thing which is sort of remaining is date::range , once that is solved then it would become interesting at least for me as I am interested to see what articles, news etc. is about something in say the last 2 weeks or a month or more. This AFAIK is not possible atm, although if my guess is correct then ddg is doing some sort of caching of results so it should be possible (even at the expense of speed of results).
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