In addition to the changes mentioned here, we're considering every possible option with regard to supporting discussions within our contributor community. Put simply, the ideas forum, the general ramblings forum, as well as most of the, "old" bits of the community platform discussion areas will likely go away in the future as the community-platform codebase has become overly cumbersome (making it impossible for outsiders to contribute to as well). We're not sure exactly when the last bits will disappear entirely, but it's obvious that we can do better.

Immediately, our focus is on the DuckDuckHack community. Conversations around Instant Answers, bad results, and general dev community chatter can be better centralized around the Instant Answer pages, pull requests, etc. so some of the changes mentioned here are to support that.
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Hello Zac,

I understand the decision. I'd like to voice a couple of points though that I'm sure others are feeling; take them into consideration if you will.

The General Ramblings forum is useful not only for reporting bugs but for getting help. There are a lot of people out there that want to use DuckDuckGo but need to ask about things like how to get the search bar working or just generally chatting about how it can be improved and how people can spread the website. These discussions benefit DuckDuckGo by building a group of non-programmers that are still passionate about their favourite search engine. They also benefit the newbies and give DDG a good face.

So far, I have never gotten a response to any feedback I've given through I don't expect any. All the staff at DDG are busy doing amazing things and don't have time to reply for bug reports, but for most people, being seemingly ignored can be disheartening, especially when they've poured their time into finding and reporting a bug. General Ramblings is great at fixing this because community members have the time to reply when staff do not. This improves greatly DDG's customer service side.

Those are two great reasons why General Ramblings or something like it is good to keep around. Discussions around pull requests are exclusive to programmers on GitHub (I'm a programmer; I'm not on GitHub) and Instant Answer ideas are really only about Instant Answer ideas.

The General Ramblings forum also helps to keep the DDG community together a bit, even more so because it's endorsed by the company.

I'm sure you'll come up with something great. I hope you keep these ideas in mind for when you do. In the meantime, I would recommend that you keep a link to the forum around.

If there's anything a grade 9 PHP/JavaScript/Python (+HTML/CSS) programmer can do to help with the community, please say. I'd love to work more on my favourite search engine.

@betterlaef on Twitter
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You are too kind! We're definitely planning to provide a means for regular conversations but, instead of reinventing the wheel, we'd probably use a 3rd party for that. The reason is limited resources :( If we're building something, it should act as a multiplier --> enabling bigger & better things. That means, building a better platform to keep the DDG community together, as you suggest as well as a better means for empowering the community to drive change (duckduckhack, feedback, beta testing, etc.)
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