X Distro

I believe this project is raising the standard of trust online because The organization itself want all non Internet user should get a basic access to internet. They don't stand any where near debian or Ubuntu but when we talk about Indians and their Internet use, The platform they are based on iz 96% windows and that too pirated so if we don't give them that secure base its hard to think for the trust we talking here. X Distro launched in 2014 got more than half million download so far which make them India's leading OS in the field of linux because they have crossed the Indian official OS name BOSS in their 6th months of release. Other than this they have always fought For INTERNET standard in India. In last year Org went against telecoms provider for Net Neutrality and Facebook free Basics. Other than that org iz working hard to give all indians a secure and clean platform which they can shift too directly from windows. So i hope directly or in Directly X Distro iz helping new user to connect with Internet as well as maintain their privacy.
posted by namandistro 2 years and 10 months ago Link