Thank you for the comment. We just released a change that shows the modal and toggle on hover to help avoid the extra click. We're going to continue to explore other ways of improving the UX if you have any other suggestions or feedback please let us know!
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Thanks for the change, very pleased with the nice quick turn around :-). This is better, though I would still prefer to have the toggle in plain sight.

I will certainly provide feedback, as an ex-interface designer these things tend to jump out at me.

As a general rule I'm not in favour of hiding things things away where the user can't see them. It increases the cognitive load and makes the app harder to use. I have noticed an increasing trend for this, especially web apps. Aesthetically putting everything in hovers and pop-ups makes the main page page look nice and clean, but the user has to work harder to find stuff. Also they tend to only work with a mouse, not keyboard input. a nightmare for anyone with disabilities

Wherever possible give the user the choice. Everybody uses computers differently and for different things so one size doesn't fit all :-)

Anyway, thanks again for implementing this change so quickly.

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PS: any chance of getting keyboard shortcut for the toggle? Thx.
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