I've used the non-JS search page since the big redesign two years ago because I found the contrast on the redesigned site to be awful. I understand that the redesigned site allows for the contrast to be restored to sane levels through the settings page. However, I preferred to use the non-JS page because it was simpler to use a vanilla page that didn't require customization any time I used a different computer or phone.

The problem with making the non-JS page "closer to the look and feel" of the JS-enabled page is that there is now no way for the user to customize the contrast on the non-JS page. I think that the accessibility of the page is much more important than the satisfaction of your design team's whim for interface monoculture.
I would very much like it if the old interface were restored in some form. Perhaps it could be moved to ?
posted by <hidden> • 2 years and 10 months ago Link