Project Name: Signal
Project Website:
I believe this project is raising the standard of trust online because:

- Signal combines user friendliness with state of the art end-to-end encryption
- the encryption is on by default for all communications
- users can just download the app and start messaging immediately without know anything about cryptography (cf. PGP)

It is essential for trust online that basic communication is private and secure by default.

Much like DuckDuckGo makes Internet search private and simple for all users, Open Whisper Systems strives to do the same for instant messaging.
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I might add that currently the iOS version is on hold / not updated because they have no developer for it. It has been without a maintainer since the beginning of this year.
And the the same goes for Android. There's no main developer for it.

It's really sad that the world is full of messaging apps that don't care about privacy but still receive funding. Yet open source projects that are doing the right thing receive almost no support at all.

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