In each case I entered for the url. It miraculously works fine today...Just not ALL DAY yesterday, attempting with OS X(x4, including my friend's), Win 7(x2), 8, 10, iOS(x2) and Droid(x2). I had to switch back to Google for the day. I would have to say in this case, absence of proof on your side is not proof of absence on my side. I was not able to access your search engine the entire time I was up 0530-2230. At 0530 this morning, working. Do what you will, but this DID happen and seemed that I was not able to reach your servers. The rest of the internet was working, and still is working fine. May be something to look into at a little more aggregated level.
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Thanks again for reporting this and I hope that you understand that we are interested in what you experienced yesterday and would like to find resolution to it. I hope that you were able to do what Zac suggested in his first post, as this would provide the critical information that the OPs team would need for tracking this down.

One additional thing that I would suggest is, when DDG is working for you, PING and keep a record of the IP address. Then, if you encounter this issue again, attempt accessing DDG via the IP address. If that works, it would tend to indicate an ISP\DNS issue. If that were the case, you could try using an alternate DNS provider or even simply try flushing your DNS cache.

Please note that we're not saying that the problem is with you, what it being suggested are various troubleshooting steps that you can take to help isolate the cause of this issue.

Thanks for the information and thanks for using DuckDuckGo!
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