Yes, they say they are working on this for 2016, but I have to say that I am pretty annoyed with the DuckDuckGo team for ignoring this feature request since almost six (!!!) years (

First, they don't mention anywhere on their help pages that date-range search is currently not possible. Providing that plain simple information would save people a lot of time figuring that out by googling it (yes, you have to google it in order to get up-to-date date information on that question!).

Instead, they seem to pretend that things are just fine, suggesting to use Google date range search through a Google bang. Or they suggest sort-by-date as a solution (although it's only a very partial one, if at all, as many have pointed out).

In addition, they have (until a few months ago) kept rather quiet about a road map that would include this feature.

As much as I am sympathetic toward DDG and wish them the best of luck, I cannot help but not trust them as a community oriented project because this is not how you communicate with your community on one of the biggest (and oldest) issues of the project. The community generally understands the limitations of such projects very well and patiently waits for requested features. But that requires transparency regarding internal priorities (saying things like: "we won't implement this before 2017 because we need to improve the bang feature first" or the like). Unfortunately, DDG has chosen the more corporate approach of keeping users in the dark and "positive" communication (emphasising what's there rather than what's missing).

I'm disappointed.
posted by <hidden> • 2 years and 8 months ago Link