I would still like to sacrifice some privacy for better autocomplete
Yes, DDG can't make a decision like that for our other users, as I'm sure you understand.
But does it send information even before you hit enter in Google?
That's something that you'd need to ask !G support, or determine by doing some tracing\sniffing from your system.

For my own curiosity, I entered several searches in DDG and !G (don't worry, I scrubbed all the tracking stuff when I was done!) and I found that DDG was consistently returning more results than !G was (though the results may not have been what you are looking for). I've attached a single (simple) example that illustrates what I'm seeing. I think that the Devs would be interested in samples that you could provide, which may help with improving DDG's autosuggest.

Again, thanks for the input, it is appreciated.
posted by x.15a2 Community Leader2 years and 9 months ago Link