YAHOO! powers the email of my ISP and there is nothing but technical problems which I am concerned would be an issue with DDG users: at one point earlier this spring my e-mails were "stuck" on a YAHOO! e-mail server for almost two months, those e-mails were invalidated in that period because of the backup it was impossible to verify those as valid e-mails.

Just last week right before and during the Memorial Day weekend I received a series of alleged "dns" errors from YAHOO! notifying me multiple HP websites ". . . either do not exist or are currently available." when I bookmarked the pages after being given the URL's or having the links "pushed to me" from HP -- for as well as HPCloud Services, and On top of that the error message from YAHOO! gave me a toll-free number to call HP support to resolve the problem, but it was NOT an HP t/f phone number: the people who answered and then spoke to me spoke such heavily accented English I did not understand the name of their firm, but I did understand the claim their firm was "... the largest firm providing support for HP . . . ." Well providing support for HP is NOT HP Support. Luckily on the Tuesday morning, 5.30.16, after the extended weekend I found the HP Executive webpage, reported the problem and was contacted by email later that day.
The point is there are/were no dns errors with these HP webpages: some glitch or coding error got them gigged by YAHOO.
Oh and the "stuck e-mails" well they were finally all unstuck and dumped, all 4000 plus of them at once! Needless to say my e-mail client freaked, I had to reset the timing parameters and still it took a couple days to get them all and another 7-10 days, after sequestering them on a USB 3.0 drive, to go through all of them offline -- if I hadn't they would have caused a constipated INBOX and only perpetuated the problem.
I hope YAHOO! has learned its lesson and abides by your contractual arrangements, that it has learned as it also did earlier this year it cannot act unilaterally: acting on a report of alleged spamming on another ISP YAHOO, without notifying its users, put a "block on a large section of e-mail addresses from the second ISP; suddenly and users who are friends of mine could no longer email each other! Apparently the needs of the many did not outweight the needs of the reporter of the alleged spamming -- which means somebody at YAHOO! did not see the second Star Trek Movie and Spock's moving epiphany near the end?

But I admit to being skeptical and to concern about all the other previous Internet experiences tainted IMHO from contact with YAHOO! and its YAHOOLIGANISM1
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