Indeed - having specific example queries really helps. Thank you, I'll forward the suggestion to the rest of the team.
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Thank you both of you. The results appear to have been fixed already. [methyl thioethane] still automatically corrects to [methylthio methane], but putting the whole thing in quotation marks now gives results both with and without the space and gives fewer false positives. Clicking [limit results to...] or putting both words into quotation marks allows for searching for chemicals with both methyl and thioethane groups without limiting results to methylthioethane. [methylthioethane] still gives a few false positives, but they're now ranked lower, and the wrong words no longer appear in bold.

It's refreshing to see a search engine that cares about feedback and giving the best results it can :)
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Sweet, glad to know that it's working better for you and thanks for the status report!

Thanks for using DDG
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