I was greatly dismayed to hear about your teaming up with Yahoo. I switched to DDG from Yahoo as my goto search engine primarily because of the ABSENCE of multimedia content both in general info AND advertising. I just wanted info in my search engine, not entertainment. If I wanted to watch a show I could go to HULU, Youtube, etc. I don't need INSTANT streaming video when I want to read info on how fix a headlight. I fully expect DDG to soon be hosting streaming newsfeeds, and assorted ads unless I am willing to PAY for a membership to remove it. I guess I'll have to go back to HotBot and Dogpile/Lycos to get my info soon enough when the Yahoo staff prevails upon you the "PROFITABILITY" of hosting advertising, paid memberships and all the annoying stuff THEY do now. Not the least of which are the submissions by "professional" morons who really don't know what they're talking about or spouting irrelevant drivel to fill article space.
I have been using Yahoo since before they were partnered with ATT, back before Lycos was told to "Go get it!" (Que the panting black Lab) and I have watched YaHOOooo fix and break the search engine NUMEROUS times all in the interest of making money. That's why I don't often use it any more. The advertising and streaming video interferes with page loading, and I can't afford a PAID ad-free experience, thank you very much. I had hoped to be using DDG for many years, but we'll see. I doubt I'll be missed.

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Here is what Yegg wrote for the DDG subReddit:
We've actually been using Yahoo technology along with our own and others since the very beginning of DuckDuckGo. Over the past year though we've been working on a stronger partnership with Yahoo so we can get access to more features like date filters that everyone has been asking for (that one in particular is our most requested feature by far).

We are excited that we are about able to launch this new technology. Some more details on the latest partnership are here:

Due to contractual reasons, this technology has to come through a yahoo subdomain, but we got them to give the subdomain to us so there are no privacy implications. To make it crystal clear, Yahoo has also put out a privacy statement:

That's the subdomain you are referring to above. The details on the technical implementation are here:

With regards to the ads, nothing is changing in terms of ad privacy/tracking or our privacy policy in general. Ads should just become more relevant.

This article may also be of interest to you:

In short, DDG will continue to work and function as it has in the past, while continuing to improve. DDG will NOT be Yahoo in a DDG wrapper, but will continue to provide the same privacy as it has in the past.
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I have to agree, please do not put heavy media in the search results, we only have 1mb/s dsl where we are and rich media sites are so annoying ( not browsable at all in fact !!! )
thank you
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