Sorry for the resurrection of such an old thread, but I am currently a bit lost because of the behaviour of these HTML DIVs in the marked area.

I am currently developing a special browser which is solely controlled by eye-tracking and as part of this browser I have to analyze single elements of websites like DDG. At this point, I am trying to retrive all <A> / link elements, by using a MutationObserver in Javascript. It works really well, but only on DDG it's not able to detect the links in this red box plus links in your search results. I haven't encountered such behaviour on any other page, so I am trying to get some help here. ;)

Any developer here who could tell me why the MutationObserver isn't called for appending of the DOM elements containing the links? Or any suggestion where to find such a kind-hearted developer, who might take some time and help me? :)
posted by <hidden> • 2 years and 3 months ago Link