How interesting. Never knew that despite being an early fan. Of DDG, not sure about the names database but I loved it even as a trial. Found a permanent email bestie for the longest and youngest time.. I don't see how running two services catering to different needs should co-relate though. Why can't a person be more aware of issues after having possibly, created some of it first?

Not everybody becomes google - tracking everything including what they shouldn't in order to advance a service. Not everybody who comes to power becomes arrogant so I'd rather trust that not every service, automatically overturns their own slogan after getting more than a little famous.

Searx is interesting. Been a while since a paged search was truly enjoyed in all its simplified glory. Looks randomly familiar. Other options are bulky thoigh so that proxy option has always been enticing but there's never been real need for any of it. Aside from when there is (videos), and that's when web proxies don't work anyway. NSA or NUSA or whatever they call themselves is a concern but fact is, if they can read mine, they can read a dozen others too. If I'm one of the crowd, I won't matter because really I don't matter. Compared to others. Maybe.

Mostly I use DDG for its uncentralized results and though it lacks in number sometimes (lotsa !g everyday), it does what it does very well. Overwhelmingly extensive but only when those extensions are needed. Most importantly, share a query and your results will match the next computer's. It's already more than enough trouble getting them on tha same page, metaphorically. Come to think of it, that would become an issue in future experiences. The default lack of pages in DDG results..

- Two cents
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