Been following this thread for a while now but as there are no other (visible) biters, will two cents here. Only thing that comes particularly to mind is how options would be made, maintained and synced cross browser.

Options like Yahoo and Google use logins and accounts. Private search0engines like Startpage and Ixquick use cookies. Temporary yet too easily deposed. I have not looked too closely into these other engines but with DDG so far, the options are these:

* passcode
* bookmarklet
* json export
* brute redoing form

To have an alternative of say, a bookmarklet that auto loads in the cookies or json without complicating the URLs would be great.

Other things?

* imporving filters for results - searx has files with magnet and seeding statistics on its results page. Google has in-depth image search: from color palette to the type of scrawl an image might be. Bleeko (had) timestamps up to the minutes and seconds.

* and by extension, statistics for results - Google for example, has a line of "missing terms:" for results that match the query only partially. Then there's count of results, etc. If suggested, cached or site "more" links also did that, it could lead to either instant productivity or eternal distractions. On the other hand, more information on site security (WOT, etc) could only help when it comes to comparing resultant "accuracy."

* search suggestions - some easy way to append or exclude a mass of terms to a query. There was a search engine that inspired awe if in a chunky way. Sadly, its development blew over and I cannot recallthe name; Tag clouds and a blacklist. "Related topics" (via wikipedia?) on DDG now are wonderful but obscure or longer terms do not offer the same luxury.

* supported video, audio, product, etc sites other than youtube, soundcloud, amazon. etc - this would give back its advantage over "specialised" engines.

* explications and minimalism - unsure how to cover these without cross relating so lumped the two together. DDG does great with the pretty currently. Not least of all feedback modals and results padding. There are a few elements that appear distractedly out of place though. Since there's no alt text explantion, I had no idea what the region toggle switch was until element inspector. Even then, it appears unnecessary since there's a flag icon. To indicate on/off, could not that icon be simply grayed? Not sure if this distraction-design choice is deliberate as with a certain popular feedback's forum now. Is a user supposed to care more about jumping quickly to the top and bottom of a page than than only exactly to the next post?

* proxying - as stated with every clearance of cookies, videos on DDG are viewed while tracked. Laws will continue to advance and like weighed intellect in a war, technology will continue to combat. Eventually if not already, bypassing elements blocked for one reason or another will become everyday.

* quirks - everything that becomes popular has these. Doodles or deliberately wacked out search results. Easter eggs that become a small trademark. Hex color results have been continually improving and the addition of stackexchange/overflow as an instant answer was a no brainer. Most of DDG development already happens around IAs but here's wondering just how unique people can get with something so seemingly limited.

* integration with other applications - social media, public libraries and what about the Internet of All Things? Still a misleading title there but one that stuck as did no doubt, its many products. It would be interesting to see how DDG remains stuck to its original intention while incorporating the needs of future net..
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