Something like searching for particular dates resulting in "that's my birthday", "happy insert holiday here!" or something? Oh, confetti would be fun. Now where it appears and how is also a question. Interactivity is all well and good until it's in the way.

For duck themed somethings would be interesting. Unlike google who make doodles and apps out of anything from lack of mascot, these somethings would most certainly be in the minority. They could surprise since they appear so little of the time or they could bore, for the same reason.

Somebody had an instant answer idea for typing in "bored" or variations of it resulting in random games being loaded. Not a bad idea at all. Including "(writer|art)blocked" for some random prompts generation. "sad" for funny images, "inspired|workmode" for a looping instrumental, etc. DDG, why you getting so attractive.

Expanding upon the known "i feel lucky" statement then would be interesting. If typing in "..good|great|happy", Dax could give you a thumbs up, a quirky smile, a flash of sunnies, etc. Oh, there was that site, nicestsiteintheworld or something where random videos of people giving the camera a hug will play. "I feel alone"? It's a little stretched in logic but seems to work for those who need it.

"i feel faceless|need a face" could result in a different expression for mascot duck. Or a "cheatsheet" for all known doodles of the daxter. Swearing at queries could include a hush sound when in family friendly mode. Cheatsheet pages for alphabets could include a mini quiz app to quick test knowledge. If you're wrong, you get quacked at, of course.
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