This could be expanded on in so many ways! Imagine sourcing a sound archive for different instruments of the same key. Voices? Distortments? Examples in nature? Oh, an early example with a duck option would just be the tip of the iceberg. Then the quirkier things like unexplained sounds, sounds from outer space, etc.

Of course, all that seems to be available are "shallower" like but if sound stock libraries were serviced individually, since the key set is finite - basic or common, they could be upvoted in accuracy by users.

That or compiling from a variety of different sources. This would result in a few many for popular instruments eg. piano and then some truly obscure ones like the theremin. Which is not really that obscure since it's highly utilized for eerie sound effects in movies, only that no-one knows it. Then there's the hydraulophone, the keybugle and the handfart.
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