73's Jim and thanks for contacting us.

There are several ways that you can do this:

- Give the new start page: https://start.duckduckgo.com a try. I has a bit cleaner interface with no help, just a link to Learn More.

- Save your settings or use bookmarklet:
I tried setting this option under custom settings to off and also set advertising to off with no effect. Is there a way to stop this without installing still more software on my old tired machine?

By default settings are stored in non-personal browser cookies (in your browser). If you are losing these settings, your browser (or one of it's add-ons) is probably configured to delete cookies on exit. You can exclude the DDG cookie from deletion to keep your settings.
You can use Anonymous Cloud Save to store your settings in a more permanent way (on a remote server in the cloud). No personally identifiable information will be stored in the cloud, and your pass phrase will never leave your browser.

You can also use a bookmarklet URL, for example:
will prevent the instructions from displaying.

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Greetings to x.15a2 and the Forum:

Thank you for the tip concerning the bookmarklet URL. I pasted this text into the home page descriptor under PaleMoon Options and it appears to have done the trick.

Jim T.
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