Hi; i actually figured out what the problem was and DDG team may want to look into it to solve it. I started turning my safari extensions off one by one. I left the DDG extension for last. When I turned it off, I was finally able to enter gmail and the drop down apps/sign out menu would not disappear from the screen when pressed on them with my mouse, so my problem disappeared.

I then turned back on the DDG extension and the problem came back, where the drop down apps/sign out menu (on the top right corner) would just disappear when I pressed on them with the mouse.

So I went on to see if the whole DDG extension was causing the problem or only one option within the extension. After unclicking all the options one by one I found out the option "Remove annoying marketing pop ups" was the one causing the problem, so by unblocking that option I can still keep the DDG extension and avoid the problem.

posted by <hidden> • 2 years and 2 months ago Link

Tnx for this info, I'll forward to the Devs.
posted by x.15a2 Community Leader2 years and 2 months ago Link