Found DDG Lite ...
- I see what you mean, no preferences

Also found DDG HTML version mozilla addon/extension ...

I will stay with the primary especially for its "preferences" and hide the the search engine that doesn't track you. Learn more" ? with adbolockers. If they cause problems, I will try "uBlock"

Thanks again :)
posted by bawldiggle 2 years and 1 month ago Link

html version is - no settings

what i do not understand is why this is a concern at all - the ddg main page is very clean and it is reasonable for it to include this very minimalistic help

but beyond that...who spends any time on this page anyway...just type in your search and hit enter

the learn more line does not grab is just there so people can learn more about ddg which makes perfect sense.
posted by buckeye 2 years and 1 month ago Link