Thanks for the response! I should have been a bit clearer that I was mainly referring to the iOS and mobile versions of the site where mouse-over and hover events simply aren't useful. On mobile, iOS at least, color blindness settings and adjustments can be set by the user as they need to throughout the device in the OS Settings. Not to discount the consideration for design and how the site wants to maintain some color schemes or usability designs, but I still think this could be an easy, even opt-in, change that would benefit usability and the design of the site.

If I were able to produce a content blocker extension to do the same, do you happen to know if DuckDuckGo would try and work around it (would they be okay with it)? Are ad results easily and consistently tagged when displayed? Other ad servers like to hide their ad 'divs' with different or generated tags that help stop content blocker said from picking them out for modification.

Thanks again!
posted by <hidden> • 2 years and 1 month ago Link