What I'm saying is that the Restore button remains disabled until you remove one of FF's default search engines:
Removed !G:
Since DDG is already in the default search list, there is no reason to add it, though you may want to set it to your default search.

If you are seeing results other than I've explained you may want to create a new user profile and try from there.


posted by x.15a2 Community Leader2 years and 2 days ago Link

of course I tried also removing all of them, one needs to stay.
posted by <hidden> • 2 years and 2 days ago Link
for future reference, I deleted the search.json.mozlz4 file from my profile folder, that made a rest of my search engine list and the restore button is not grayed out anymore.
posted by <hidden> • 2 years and 7 hours ago Link