If your DDG language is not set to French, check your OS and\or browser's default language. I set my browser's language to French and the autosuggest results were in French. Returning to English gave English results (following browser restart).
posted by x.15a2 Community Leader1 year and 11 months ago Link

Thanks for the suggestion!

Chrome is set to English as well. But I do think Chrome is the source of my problem. I added "Latin" to my list of languages Chrome should not translate, and now DDG autocompletes in French and Latin.

I switched Chrome completely to French; closed the browser; came back in in French; switched default language to English; closed the browser; restarted. This did not change autocomplete. It's still in French (and now Latin).

I also unclicked the "remember results of last search" button in the DDG app settings. This had no result.
posted by <hidden> • 1 year and 11 months ago Link