I would really like to translate. For German it says 100% translated, but it isn't! I guess, some words are hard coded? DDG only can get successful, if it is completely translated into all big languages.
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You are right, it seems that some parts are hard coded. And the whole translation is not consistent (e.g. the use of "Du" and "Sie" (formal and informal 'you')).
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Thats because not many people voted on it, and we need more translation manager to sort out bad translations, which then sometimes even get voted up. If you have to manage 50.000 translations you need people who activly fix the situation, pointing it out is simple ;) It's not like we are not aware, but we can't do "snip" and its all gone.
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i think that if ddg estimates on better results for smaller countries were
google,yahoo etc. dont have offices it would be followed by much more fans
ex.better results in albania,bulgaria,serbia etc.
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