X.15A2 wrote-I replicated Guest's issue as shown below. In short, after entering the Captcha, there's nowhere to go to continue and the Publish button is greyed out.

Yes another member I know who posted on another Zoho forum which allows guest postings has the same problem. Sometimes he cannot post for the same reasons the OP and X.15A2 mentioned above.
Maybe we can ask on the Zoho help forums if they can fix it. As I don't think anybody has reported it yet.

Zac wrote-Yes, sorry! One of the many reasons we're moving to We're making this move very soon (perhaps tomorrow) so please join us there when you get the chance. 

So we are moving tomorrow? Zac I posted on that thread as you asked and my username on the new forum is april. So when will my posts be migrated over?

Still Smiling.

posted by [Old Forum april] • 5 years and 2 months ago Link